Vegan at work

Guide de survie en société - Social & dietary survival tips

You want Taylor, Dan and Rob to beg you to have a bite of your tasty Indian spices veggie meal? Come and have a look

Being a veggie at work is as easy as anywhere else.
It will all depend on the place you work at and the equipment you’ll have at your disposal.

one Your working place has a self-service

Many big companies have an intern self-service where you can have lunch. Usually, veggie options are available, and you can pick your food. If you are afraid that it will not be perfectly balanced, you can compensate with the dinner you’ll have at home.

Eat whatever you can at lunch and readapt your dinner according to it in order to be sure to get everything you need. It will always be a meal that you won’t have to prepare!

 two Your working place has a kitchen

If there is a kitchen at your disposal, then you are already used to bringing your food at work. It’s going to be exactly the same as a vegetarian.

three You are working outdoors 

We are mainly thinking about the building and construction industries, but it applies to any similar job requiring to eat very often outside. It is pretty easy to prepare yourself very nourishing veggie salads and sandwiches. For example, you can make salads out of pasta, lentils, eggs, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, vegetables and nuts. Your choices will only be limited by your imagination!

Alright but how do I deal with my co-workers?

THE Question.
The “veggie at work” kind of human intrigues. The co-workers, as any other person of your environment will probably ask you many questions regarding your new diet and may also get close to the debate territory. You can adopt the different types of strategies mentioned in our page Veggie in society”. You will mainly encounter the same types of situations.

To finish, it will probably be temporary, as for everything. After a while, your co-workers won’t bother you with it and might even be curious about the good smell of your meals!