Benefits of plant based diets

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You will be skinny, pale, deeply malnourished, deprived from strengths and happiness.
Joking aside, benefits from a plant-based diet are numerous and here are a few examples.

First, you will make your actions and your lifestyle match your values, which will improve your happiness.

If well managed, a plant-based diet is a very balanced diet that:

one Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases
two Brings a great food diversity, more fiber, good fats, a lot of vitamins
three Helps stabilise your weight. You are not supposed to lose or take weight while becoming a vegetarian IF your previous diet was already balanced
four Provides a better muscle recovery and better physical performances.
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Allows you to make plenty of great culinary discoveries


As previously mentioned, if your diet is balanced, becoming a vegan is not supposed to make you lose or gain weight.

If you were initially eating too much carbs or fats, you might indeed lose a little bit of weight but it’ll be because your diet was unbalanced.

On the contrary, at the beginning of the transition, we often tend to fall into (bad) carbs because we are afraid to be hungry. In this case, you might gain weight! Carbs are essential for our body, mostly if they are of good quality and complex (brown rice or pasta, quinoa, bulgur, leguminous plants etc). However, be careful to include a lot of vegetables in your diet and to vary them as much as possible.
If you are afraid of being hungry, increase them as much as you want (the vegetables)!

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The benefits from plant-based diets are many. However, if you are having troubles with those nutrition terms, don’t hesitate to read a lot and search for information. You will learn a lot of things. Also don’t hesitate to talk about it to your doctor or even a nutritionist.

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