Guide de survie en société - Social & dietary survival tips

In this section, you will find names of organisations, websites, books and documentaries in which we have found the information we are giving you. They can also simply be good sources to look for information.

Please note that some information are hard to find or to confirm at a 100%. Vegetarism and veganism have not been studied enough yet. Therefore, we have tried to cross information from diverse sources to give back an information as reliable as possible.

Sources: Information & Organisations


Sea Shepherd |

PETA People for the Ethical treatment of animals |

Greenpeace |



Association L214 |
The most active and known French association fighting for the improvement of animal rights and living conditions, often releasing scandals to the press

Vegan pratique | |

Animal Testing |

Association végétarienne de France |

Consoglobe |

La Nutrition |

France Info TV |

One Voice |

Huffington Post |


Sources: Readings

Books you can find in English:

Jonathan Safran Foer, Eating animals, 2012 | This book is a little hard to read but it studies very well the whole industrial meat system (with a big focus on the US system) and makes us face our paradoxes.

Matthieu Ricard, A plea for the animals, 2014 | Our favourite until now. This book goes far into the analysis of our relationship with animals in general. It is full of common sense and has chances to make you see things very differently, on a positive way.

Other French book sources:

Aymeric Caron, No steack, 2013 

Hugo Clément, Comment j’ai arrêté de manger les animaux, 2019 

Fabrice Nicolino, Bidoche, 2009 

Aymeric Caron, Antispéciste, 2016 

Franz Olivier Giesbert, L’animal est une personne, 2014 


Documentaries & films

Cowspiracy, 2014

The game changers, 2018

Earthlings, 2005

What the health, 2017

Live and let live, 2013

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